Change your Mind, Change your Life

My vision is set,

It is clear and still the same.

There was a time when you saw it, too.

And described its beauty with clarity.

But if your eye has shifted,

And no longer sees it also,

Then you and I will walk on different paths,

Going towards different visions.

I enjoyed hearing your footsteps so far

As we stepped towards a longed-for journey.

But our minds,

Like our lives,

Are our own dominion,

In which we choose our destination,

And forge our destiny.

I despise yet celebrate your impulse

To perennially chase the brightest thing that glitters,

And let your passion carry you to new experiences and crossroads,

Even if it leads you far away from me.

There will always be room for one more in my path,

If you ever decide to regroup.

As for me,

I must keep moving forward,

Towards a goal that has been waiting far too long.


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