Lessons I learned through teaching others

I’ve worked as a tutor for years, and one of the things I like the most about it is that I learn alongside my students. Helping them with their schoolwork forces me to review, learn, and relearn concepts that I would have otherwise not learned or forgotten.  Algebra, Geometry, and Science terminology are now still fresh with me.

One of the most important things that I get out of tutoring is the need to keep myself to the same standards that I expect from my students. I ask them to read everyday, to practice math everyday, and to work hard at whatever they try to do. This, in turn, encourages me to do likewise. When I found that one of my students needed a personal planner to keep track of his assignments,  I felt obligated to set the example and buy one of my own to keep track of my goals.

Also, I think that tutoring has taught me that I should also stop and reflect on the lighter side of life. The kids I tutor remind me (sometimes explicitly) that I should not take everything seriously and that I should just try to have fun. That is a lesson that is worth remembering, as we in the world of adulthood sometimes we forget that joy is the reason we live to begin with. Ultimately, I get paid to teach, but perhaps I’m also the one getting tutored somehow.

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