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Through conversations with elder activists who work with the Chamber, I have concluded that the role of the Maywood CA Chamber of Commerce is a very important and unique one for our community, as our city itself is important and unique.

We are an immigrant city, to such an extent that we made national headlines when we received the title of Sanctuary City for the undocumented.  We are a city with potential, as many of our youth, mere children just a decade ago, are now on their way to gain the knowledge and skills to produce the wealth that will make our community thrive further.

The wisdom of age and the energy of youth comes together in our small businesses.  Our community, with backgrounds of struggle and growth, establishes business that sell their talents, strengths, and wisdom and showcases the best they have to offer.  This happens because many people decide that the typical 9-5 job, with a standard salary and scrutiny from management, is not for them.  People who venture to establish their own enterprise are very brave; they would rather take risks to be richly rewarded than to settle for the typical employment for a big company.  Small businesses are indeed a source of emancipation for the worker; small business employ the most people in the United States.  We must also face the fact, however, that small businesses are the ones that fail the most.

The Maywood CA Chamber of Commerce, therefore, must notice and harness the energy and potential of our small business, while at the same time protecting them from failure.  It must do this by continuing to do what it already does; providing a space for small business to network, providing workshops, and helping small businesses promote themselves.  It is by doing these three things that our small business community can come together in solidarity and mutual support.

The national and corporate chambers of commerce look out for their own: big business and corporations.  It is time for the small business of our city, and also those of the surrounding communities, to come together and have our own support network.  It is us who should have think tanks, advocates, and networks of support.  It is time for our community to use the countless talents that it already has to help iself.

No organization can thrive without the support of all its members.  I for my part feel very invested in this project that I believe will make our communities wealthier and safer, and I hope that others will do the same or more.

If you are a small business, or a talented individual who would like more information on the Maywood CA Chamber of Commerce and is considering joining, please contact us at:

Maywood CA Chamber of Commerce
(323) 560-1111
4554 E. Slauson Ave. Suite #5
Maywood, CA 90270

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