Exide is Shutdown

The L.A. Times reports that Exide Technologies and the Federal government have reached a deal that will shut down a battery recycling plant in Vernon, CA.  This is great news for the people of neighboring Maywood, who can now rest assured that air quality will improve in the upcoming days, greatly reducing the amount of lead and arsenic, which are cancer-causing contaminants.  The deal states that Exide will avoid criminal prosecution in exchange of shutting down its plant in Vernon, CA.

“Under the deal between federal officials and the company, Exide acknowledges criminal conduct, including the illegal storage and transportation of hazardous waste. Company officials will avoid criminal charges in exchange for shutting down, demolishing and cleaning the 15-acre battery recycling plant about five miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles.” (from the L.A. Times article: Regulators detail Exide battery plant closure after decades of pollution- by Tony Barboza and Rube Vives)

Just weeks prior to that, the Maywood CA Chamber of Commerce encouraged residents to participate in an event to lower or eliminate lead emissions from Exide Technologies battery recycling plant in Vernon, CA.


Air Quality Management District of Southern California met in the Long Beach City Hall to listen to concerns from residents of areas affected by Exide, and also to hear what the company has to say regarding a proposal to require it to reduce lead emissions.

Maywood residents successfully expressed their concerns, and Exide was required to reduce lead emissions.  This was a success in it of itself.  But now, the entire facility will have to close down, further reducing the amount of contaminants in the air and water that Maywood residents have to deal with.

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