Interview with Gamesanytime shop owners


I conducted an interview with the owners of Gamesanytime shop in Bell, CA.  Funny story how that came to pass:

I was riding my bicycle down Gage Ave. one day and noticed a closed video game shop.  At the top of the entrance was a big sign that said “FOR LEASE.”  I assumed it was an old store that was shutting down.  I peeked inside and saw Super Nintendo cartridges, old Game Boys, and classic consoles.  I had a brief and powerful nostalgia trip at that moment, which made me feel absolutely horrible about the notion that the shop might close down.  “If I had money, I would buy things here all the time to keep this shop from shutting down,” I thought.

Fortunately for me, the opposite of what I feared was actually true.  The shop wasn’t shutting down, it was establishing itself.  It wasn’t an old shop, it was new.  I introduced myself to the owners, and asked for them to grant me an interview for an article to be published in

They kindly agreed.

The following is a link to the published version in the Latino Gamer website.

Interview with Gamesanytime store in Bell, CA. 

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