The quest of a lifetime

The one who has built treasures here on earth, has decided that they should decay on their own, being left behind like a trail of bait.

The one who has decided to embark on a quest, has found that the lost woods of his mind are journey enough, and that the legendary sword is found in a place where the branches of the trees do not reach.

The master sword, which glitters handle to blade, will not betray the one who wields.


And like a song, it could be said, is the quest of the one who initiates his life.

There is a dying fall, there is a rise, there is a melody.

And like a scream heard in the wilderness, like a tree that falls, so does the sound of love echo in the gloom of struggle.


Let it not end, let it be shown.

It deserves no less, than world reknown.

A word, a tear, a laugh, a cheer,

For none is meaningless.


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