Every Day is Like Sunday: Review of Morrissey’s great song

“Every Day is Like Sunday” by Morrissey, the British singer of Irish descent and spawn of the New Wage music scene, is a bitter yet uplifting song.  The lyrics, like much of his other songs, are a challenge to decipher, but they are ambiguous enough to let the listener project his own emotions and ideas to the song, which increases its likability.  The song expresses a very poignant idea, namely, that every day is like Sunday: sleepy, gray, pleasantly dull.  The speaker of the song lives in a world where the mundane is too much to bear, but the song (both the voice and instruments) give a sense of thrill, of elation.  The result is a pleasant and ironic juxtaposition of ideas, namely, of mundane dullness and apocalyptic distress, mixed with excitement and a sense of excitement and joy.  It is candy to the ears, and a sedative, and stimulant, to the heart.

Morrissey succeeds time and again in producing music that is most definitely art.  The existentialist issues that are raised prove that the songs are philosophical in nature, that they touch upon human issues, and are easy for people to relate to.


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