A student’s perspective: Captivating Student’s Interest in Public School

Society, the Humanities, and Public Education
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School can be the source of breakthrough after breakthrough in all spheres of knowledge, and it can nourish and release the potential of all of its participants.  Schools can produce more scientists that cure disease, more statesmen that establish social contracts for peace and cooperation, more artists and philosophers that prove and teach of the deeper meanings in life, among a plethora of other important roles.  A common trait among people who are successful is that they do what they enjoy doing.  Unfortunately, school is not the first thing people think about when they consider things that they enjoy.  On the contrary, school brings about memories of endless paperwork, trivia, and frustrations.

We have to change this paradigm and make school the place where kids train to be powerful, responsible, and creative adults.

The following video might strike your interest in this topic.

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