Our eyes are set on every way

As it pertains to the light of day

I would say that any one ray

Knows just what it came to earth for

And perceives its place and nothing more


But when it comes to the human mind

Its first purpose it left far behind

And thinks of new and wondours ends

To which our will does seek and bend


And if our being be of such dew

That like traveling water it always renews

And if our flesh be of such mold

That various ends do we behold


Then I can say that we are of Orsino’s ilk

Set to sail to the clean and to the filth

The double mind James warned about

It’s duopoly in our will it carries out


If I can trust that you can see

That more than this we can just be

There’s hope enough we could trancend

These bonds of mind and base intent

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