How to lose weight.

In this website I also write blogs, so I would like to express my opinion on how to maintain an attractive and healthy body-size. I’m a skinny person, so with that authority, and with my humble opinion, I will advice the following.

Stop drinking soda and eating chips. Just because society and our culture says it’s normal, it’s not truly natural. The level of sugar in soda is so high that it easily leads to diabetes. The monosodium glutumate of chips makes it tempting to “eat more than one”, but all that starch will do little to give nutrients and would instead help to add some weight. Leave chips and soda alone.

Focus on nature. Eat more raw, organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Remember Adam and Eve, they were the prototype of humanity. So wouldn’t you want an ideal figure?  Eat more natural. The closer to nature your food is, the better.

I recommend Green Tea. It helps with focus, prevents cancer, increases body heat, and helps people lose weight. Drink up.

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