The Labyrinth

We continue to travel through a maze that has no end,

Sometimes turning left or right but never going back,

Towards a goal we feel deep down inside,

But that our eyes have never met,

No amount of fatigue weighs heavily enough to slow us down,

As our footsteps echo off the walls of the labyrinth.

Ode to Darkness

When the cacophony of the mundane hushes,

And the lights that overwhelm your eyes cease to be perceived,

And the mind is no longer burdened by its own creations,

You are welcomed by profound darkness,

Embraced by its serenity,

And soothed by the echoes that fade slowly into the distance,

The faint residue of a world left behind.



Change your Mind, Change your Life

My vision is set,

It is clear and still the same.

There was a time when you saw it, too.

And described its beauty with clarity.

But if your eye has shifted,

And no longer sees it also,

Then you and I will walk on different paths,

Going towards different visions.

I enjoyed hearing your footsteps so far

As we stepped towards a longed-for journey.

But our minds,

Like our lives,

Are our own dominion,

In which we choose our destination,

And forge our destiny.

I despise yet celebrate your impulse

To perennially chase the brightest thing that glitters,

And let your passion carry you to new experiences and crossroads,

Even if it leads you far away from me.

There will always be room for one more in my path,

If you ever decide to regroup.

As for me,

I must keep moving forward,

Towards a goal that has been waiting far too long.


Insincere Love

Insincere love is the predominant element

Between those two.

Greater than earth, wind, water, fire,

The love with insincerity inundates their company,

And as the days turn to months,

The two forget their insincerity,

And leave it behind as they walk against the wind,

Into the horizon…

Being nothing-

But in sincere love.

Sign Posts

When the sign posts show you are going the wrong way,

The hills incline upwards against your journey,

And the wind pushes you away along your path,

You know that the world has conspired to hold you back.

But your goal is not optional,

Your vision is too clear,

Your dream is too lucid,

And your faith is too strong,

To be stopped.

You made a commitment to yourself,

That you would see it all through,

And even if you yourself want to quit,

Your word will happen.

The Beloved Thief

If someone steals some money from you,

You can earn it back.

And even if your ideas are stolen,

More come forth from the wellspring of the mind.

But if your heart is stolen,

How can you ever get it back?

If your heart is broken,

How can it ever be healed?


We hate it when our things are taken away,

But we love it when our heart is stolen by another,

Even if it breaks in the process.


Glimmer in the darkened sky

The world is very cruel,

And will attack your heart directly,

Splintering your aspirations,

Withering your dreams,

And dragging you down to depths of sadness.

But let’s remember,

That both our hearts were attacked,

Our aspirations splintered,

Our dreams withered,

And that we are in the depths of sadness,


Our dreams, hopes, and ambitions…

Broken like glass…

Can glimmer again,

As the winds of fate,

Fly them up to the night sky,

To create a luminous celestial mantel amidst the deep darkness.


The Glory of the Bloom

I leaned closer to sniff a flower.

I was too close and felt as though

The rose had given me a kiss.


I will never pluck it from its stem.

This rose, this flower,

This gentle and prickly manifestation,

Is a part of the Earth,

And will not be forced apart,

By my hand.


Towering above all creation it must remain.

It’s reflection glimmering brightly from the pond

That nourishes its roots.


The Rose is swayed by the wind and nothing more,

And I the faithful spectator walking by,

Will always admire,

The glory of its bloom.